Motivational Monday #6 & post-collegiate running

Good afternoon friends and happy Monday!  🙂 For those of you who have not run yet, but are planning to (myself included) I have some Monday running motivation coming your way!

Before starting this post, I had just gotten back from 3.5 hours of nutrition classes and as I laid out all my human anatomy notes to start a study session I thought to myself “I wish I was running now instead of studying, I feel unfocused anyway”. Now, I was planning for today to be a rest day as lately my goal has been at least 3 days of running per week with 1-2 days of cross training and rest days as needed. After yesterday’s run I thought I’d need a rest day, but today my body is telling me just the opposite. I am craving a good, mind clearing run down by the lake and through some crunchy leaves. So I am going to listen to my body today! I know that I will not have a productive study session unless I run first. This quote I found on Pinterest shares what I am feeling today more eloquently than what I just said above. Maybe it will also inspire some of you wanting to run right now to just get up and GO! I will be doing that as soon as this post publishes. 🙂


what running is like for me now after 4 years of collegiate XC running

It has been so weird this year to not have a college cross country season to train for and instead of running 50+ miles per week I am lucky to run 15-20 miles per week now. I’m in such a different place than last year with harder classes, a commute to and from class, and a part time job, but I will always be a runner. I think I just thought I would continue to run a lot of races post college and have more time to train than I do right now. In college I just had to attend class, study, go to mandatory cross country practices, and work 10-15 hours per week (but it was on campus work study so I could do my homework). Also, I was not expecting to get such a nasty case of IT Band tendonitis after my first half marathon in June. Since my injury healed in August, I feel like I have been struggling to get back into long distance shape for the last two months (but again this is coming from a girl who was used to running 5-10+ miles at 6-8 min/mile pace nearly everyday in college).

I have so many running goals that I have yet to achieve and I do not want college to have been my prime running years! In fact, yesterday, my boyfriend and I were even talking about how we’d like to run the Chicago Marathon next year if possible even though we will both probably still be working part time jobs and still in school. I think since we are volunteering at the Chicago Marathon this Sunday and watching his mom run that will really inspire us to pursue the goal of running it in 2015! It would be my first marathon and my boyfriend’s second. Regardless I cannot wait for Sunday!

Right now, though, I just want to stay healthy and IT band tendonitis free. I had four wonderful years of injury free DI college cross country running (although track is an entirely different story- a lot of injuries there) and for that I am grateful! For now my running goals are simpler and that is ok. I just want to get out there as much as possible. Currently, I run for the stress relief,  a break from studying,  beautiful scenery, and the fresh air. I will jump back into the racing scene later this fall or next spring at the latest.  Well, have a great Monday everyone. It’s time for me to lace up my shoes and run. 🙂

What are your current motivations for running (or working out in general)?

8 thoughts on “Motivational Monday #6 & post-collegiate running

  1. Seems like you have a lot going on but keeping working hard at school and work. Running is such a stress reliever and even though you couldn’t run as many races this year (or run 50+ miles a week) at least you still have the ability to run. Injury sucks and I’m still somewhat battling it. I’m running the Chicago Marathon this Sunday and I can’t wait. What aid station or area are you volunteering at? This will be my first marathon 🙂

    • I’m so sorry you are still battling your injury. 🙁 I was in your position a few months ago (and two times during my college career I had injuries) and you are right-it stinks! I’m glad you are still able to run Sunday and that is so exciting it will be your first marathon! I’m going to be volunteering at the first aid station. I cannot wait to see everyone run, especially the elites. I will be cheering for all of you! 🙂 Good luck!

      • Thanks – I hope to take about 2-3 months REALLY healing after the marathon before I run my next race. I’m soooo excited for this Sunday yet still nervous because my ankles/shins may act up again. Have fun volunteering.

  2. I run to defeat the disease that has claimed the lives of many of my family members and close friends … Cancer. Running also helps to keep a condition I have known as hemochromatosis at bay. So I guess you could say that running has saved my life and I continue to run for my life and the pure joy of it. Running is my happy place and I also enjoy running for those who can’t … that’s my long winded motivation lol 🙂

    • Wow! You are such an inspiration and you run for some great causes/reasons. Keep up the great work. I’m glad you are motivated to run not just for your physical health, but also for happiness. I am with you there, running also brings me pure joy! 🙂

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