It is NEVER too late to begin (blogging) again

Wow…Where to begin?! It’s been over two years since I update this blog! 😱You were all starting to think I forgot about it, right? Wrong! Don’t worry, some things have not changed! I am still a vegetarian who loves running, black beans, and healthy food! 😛 It has been an eventful and busy two years to say the least, but blogging has been on my mind the whole time. It was just a matter of actually coming back here to blog in the midst of the good, the bad, the busy, and the unexpected. Words can’t adequately describe the way I felt over the last two years, but I will try…

 I am nervous about doing this, but I decided to get personal with all of you today.😬

To put it briefly: I am not proud of how I took care of myself the last two years. I feel like I switched from a glass half full to a glass empty kind of girl in a matter of months. I was not running or working out very often (and if you knew me a few years ago, running was my life!). Furthermore, I was not eating enough or very healthy some of the time. Instead of living in the moment, I was focused on the future and what might or might not happen. I was not doing things I enjoyed as often (i.e. this blog, cooking, running) and I was using every spare moment to write lesson plans, apply for jobs, think about the future, or to feel sorry for myself. By the end up summer 2016 I would wake up in a negative mood more days than a positive one. I just was not myself…It was a gradual change from spring to summer 2016 and some of it was because of the things that happened, but more of it was because of HOW I reacted to what happened.

When I was feeling low, I would compare myself to others and feel crummy when someone else reached a milestone I wish I had reached. Comparison is such a waste of time! Imagine what would happen if we all built each other up and celebrated each other, instead of comparing and competing?

Anyway, reflecting back on the last two years, MORE positive things happened than negative ones:

1. I student taught honors science classes at an amazing high school in spring 2016.

2. I earned my Master’s degree and won an award for being a promising new science teacher in spring 2016.

3. I applied to more teaching jobs than I can recall and even scored some interviews.

4. I did NOT get a teaching job.

5. My boyfriend (now husband) got an amazing teaching & coaching job in summer 2016.

6. I got engaged at the Chicago marathon in fall 2016. My then boyfriend ran and I volunteered/watched. I can share our story in the future if there is interest. We met in high school through running so it’s a cool story (at least I think so 😂). 


7. I got a full time job in winter 2016/2017. It is unrelated to teaching, but I love it.

8. I planned my wedding.

9. I got married and went on my honeymoon in July 2017.


10. I decided to prioritize my overall health again in August 2017

Notice that the only negative is #4, but at the time it was a HUGE deal for me…I have always prided myself on working really hard and achieving the things I worked for. This was one of the first times in my life that my hard work did not result in the desired outcome. I was confused because I did well in my classes, did well in student teaching, and won an award for being a promising new teacher at my graduation, but then I did not get a teaching job. I felt like a huge failure. 🙁 I felt like I wasted my money, my education, and my time. I was also worried that I let my professors, my family, and my friends down. It is hard to convey exactly how I felt back then, but I hope this clarifies things a bit. Luckily, I am in a much better place today! 🙂

So, why am I even blogging again? Well, it is because of number 10 on the list. How will I make number 10 a reality? The first step is to workout/run 5-7 days per week because I signed up for half marathon with my husband in November! 🙂 The second step is to eat balanced meals everyday to be healthy and have training fuel. The third step onward are yet to come…stay tuned.

Takeaways over the last two years:

Just because life gets in the way does not mean we should neglect to take care of ourselves. We cannot be the best version of ourselves in our relationships, in the work place, or in our hobbies if we do not treat ourselves with love and respect. The best thing we can do, is to do things that make us happy. 🙂 Remember, things are never as bad as them seem!

So, please join me on this blogging journey (take 2) as I navigate “adulting” as a twenty-something newlywed while making health, happiness, and hobbies a priority.

Today’s questions: How did you/do you deal when your life goes in an unexpected direction? If you are a runner are you training for any fall races?

10 thoughts on “It is NEVER too late to begin (blogging) again

  1. Congratulations on your marriage, and good luck with that. The world sort of hates happy people, and doesn’t make it easy for us. It may be one of the hardest things you do.

    Thanks for following my blog. I wouldn’t think I could say much to interest “real” runners… 😁

    Which brings me to your points in comparison… (and some preview on some thoughts I’ve been kicking around for a future post) I think we competitive types can get wrapped up in comparing ourselves with others. And that’s always a recipe for failure since that person’s circumstances are different.

    Either we compare against someone who isn’t as good as us… No competition there, so no drive to improve. Or we compare against someone who is better than we are… That’s only motivation for a short time as we never get out of their shadow.

    As with running, in most of life’s activities, we can only truly compete with ourselves.

    • I believe if you run and enjoy it, you are a “real” runner! 🙂 I cannot wait to follow along on your journey and appreciate your support in mine. I think a post about comparison on your blog will resonate with many people because it is something we all fall victim to. Perhaps certain personalities are more likely to fall in the comparison trap than others? I feel like many runners fit the bill.

      • I think it will. Even though I try my best to not compare myself to others, I was reading a runner’s blog the other day and found myself thinking “My 5K time is a bit better than this guy’s”. WHY!? He or she was running 10K at least once a month, and I’m not doing that — yet. So does it matter that my 5K time is better? pft!

        Once I get the post written, you’ll have already read it all.

      • Well I look forward to it! I totally understand what you mean. For example, I’m an ex-college XC runner so I find myself comparing my times, how much I run, injuries, etc. to other ex-college runners and it’s like, why? We are all living on own our lives and many factors affect our times, amount we run, etc so it’s silly to compare. We should all build each other up in the running community! 🙂

  2. I’m so happy to hear you’re prioritizing health! Your journey sounds very similar to my life from 2014 – 2016… I was a teacher but miserable, stopped eating, was depressed and so cynical and I’ve slowly started turning that around. Blogging has been a wonderful outlet for me to develop a better relationship with food and health.

    Another thing I do to help me be positive is write down one thing a day that was positive and stick it in a jar – at the end of the year I am going to read them all and have a day of warm feels. It’s wonderful watching the jar grow!

    • I’m so sorry you went through a rough patch too. 🙁 it sounds like things are looking up for you! Blogging is definitely a fun and helpful way to hold ourselves accountable and to “meet” other like minded individuals. 🙂 I aim to continue this blog and find a running group to train with some of the week to meet my running and health goals! I also wanted to say that I love your positive things jar idea. It will remind you how far you’ve come this year! I look forward to continuing to follow your blog. 🙂

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