Lollapalooza recap and What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) #1

Good evening friends! Sorry for the several day hiatus from the blog, I was at Lollapalooza all weekend and had a test and final paper due for my summer class due yesterday  (although it’s not like many people read this. haha). Regardless I am back! I hope all of you have had wonderful weekends. 🙂

Lollapalooza 2014 recap

Man, this past weekend was fun, crazy, and exhausting all at the same time! It was great to see my sister, my boyfriends sister, and a friend from college as well as some of my favorite artists though. It’s really difficult for me to pick my overall favorite act so I’m just going to share my favorite acts for each of the three days. 😛



As far as seeing artists, Friday was packed. It also rained on us once, but it was a very brief downpour so it wasn’t bad. Sunday is a different story though. We all saw many shows back to back and did a lot of walking back and forth between both ends of the park on Friday. We saw Temples, Bombay Bicycle Club, Jagwar Ma, Portugal. The Man, Chvches, Lorde, and Artic Monkeys.  Jagwar Ma was my favorite act on Friday and they only have one album so I was lucky to hear all my favorite songs live. 🙂

The weirdest thing I saw all weekend was on Friday. This guy in front of us was wearing a skirt and had his BABY with him. He was dancing with the baby basically the entire time.The baby had a set of headphones thankfully, but I’m still not sure that it’s really a good place to bring a baby…This baby was super cute though and everyone around me was taking pictures so I’m not surprised they made the news . I thought I snapped a picture of the baby too, but apparently I didn’t save it so here’s a picture of the baby from ABC.




The weather on Saturday was by far the best of all three of the days. It was warm and sunny the entire day. I saw The Districts, Jungle, The Temper Trap, Grouplove, and Foster the People. I was also supposed The Head and the Heart, and then Cut Copy or Calvin Harris. I went home early, though, with my sister who got a bad migraine during the festival. I felt so bad that she was not feeling well because she really wanted to see Calvin Harris, but thankfully no headaches for her Friday or Sunday!

Overall, what I liked a lot about Saturday was discovering two new bands (The Districts and Jungle) that I didn’t listen to before Lollapalooza. I think it’s a great thing when you got to a festival where you can discover new music and listen to some of your favorite acts all in the same day. My favorite act on Saturday was Foster the People. They sound great live and it was a fun and upbeat show. Also, they played all my favorite songs from their two albums so I was happy.


Oh gosh, I cannot give a recap of Sunday without first talking about the endless rain. It rained four or five times throughout the entire day and just when you were starting to dry off it rained again, go figure. Many people embraced the rain at the festival by having mud fights dancing in the rain, other people found creative ways to stay dry such as hiding under picnic tables. By the end of the night no one had dry or clean clothes or feet! Grant Park also took quite the beating. :/ I somehow did not take any pictures of the mud, but I did manage to get a picture of our muddy feet. 😛


Despite the rain we stayed the whole time and saw all the acts we planned on seeing. We saw NONONO, London Grammar, Cage the Elephant, The Avett Brothers (from afar), Young the Giant, and Skrillex. Picking  my favorite act on Sunday is tough and nearly a tie between Cage the Elephant and Young the Giant. I’d have to say I enjoyed Cage the Elephant just a little bit more though. The crowd was fun and I love that the lead singer embraced the rain and was all muddy just like the rest of the festival goers. I’m just sad they didn’t play my favorite song (Hypocrite), but it was still good and it seems like they stuck to all the fan favorites. We ended the night with Skrillex and while I can confidently say I am not a huge fan and will probably never see him again, but he put on a cool light show that I snapped a picture of.


All in all it was a good end to a crazy and fun weekend with some of my favorite people. 🙂 Also, if anyone wants a hilarious recap of Lollapalooza this buzzfeed article:

What I ate Wednesday (WIAW) #1

Now, on a completely different note from Lollapalooza, I wanted to do a WIAW post. I’ve seen a lot of other bloggers do this and I think it’s a great idea! It’s a good way to see how other people eat and to possibly get ideas for recipes or snacks.  I’d especially love to see what other runners and vegetarians eat. It was tougher than I expected to take a picture of everything I ate today, but maybe that’s because I snack a lot. I’m more of a snacker/ several mini meals a day than a three meals a day kind of girl.

What I do want to emphasize now is that WIAW is a no judgment zone. I am not here to judge what others are eating and I do what to be judged by what I ate today. Everyone eats differently. I am a vegetarian that still eats eggs and dairy products and you might be a vegan or someone that eats meat. I respect that so please respect me back! Also, this is just a snapshot or peak into how I eat on a daily basis, not how I eat everyday. We all have good and bad days. As a person who strives to eat healthy, I know that it is a process and I believe in the motto “everything in moderation”. Some days you eat a lot processed foods or chocolate chips out of the bag. That is ok. 😉 Without further ado, here’s what I ate:

~9:15 am. A quick granola bar before grocery shopping (they say to never grocery shop on an empty stomach!)


11:00 am. Egg in the holes, Silk light vanilla almond milk, and coffee for a late breakfast.


1:30 pm. A short run with my boyfriend! My GPS watch would not connect for this run so this is his black watch. haha. Looks like the ol’ IT band is healed and I can start building up my mileage again! 🙂


3 pm. A super late, but light lunch. This is a combination of mixed berries, Oikos vanilla Greek Yogurt, milled Flax seed, and some vegan maple granola. (here’s the recipe I posted a few days ago if anyone is interested: . I also had a couple handfuls of dry cereal.


4 pm. Some caffeinated tea as an afternoon pick me up. I highly recommend Trader Joe’s mango black tea!


5:15 pm. Snack number two was  nearly an entire bag of Simply Salted popcorn. It’s basically the only microwave popcorn I’ll eat. It’s only about 100 calories for an entire bag and it’s not mini, plus it doesn’t have a million ingredients like other popcorns.


7:30 pm. For dinner I had last night’s leftovers. It’s a Mexican pasta with beans. It has kidney beans, tomatoes, sweet peppers, pasta, and spices. I’ll try to share the entire recipe in the future.


I hope all of you have great nights. 🙂

My question for all of you: If you have ever been to a music festival, such as Lollapalooza, what is the weirdest thing you have seen there?

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